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are predicting as much as a foot of snow. nbc's jay gray is in kansas city where the storm has already led to the cancellation of a popular golf tournament. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mara. bitter cold with the wind gusting at more than 20 miles an hour. snowflakes expected within the next few hours here. and forecasters warn at the height of the storm the snow could be falling at more than an inch every hour. this morning the midwest is waking up to a blast of winter weather. >> the latest winter storm has everything with it, freezing rain, some ice and heavy snow. >> reporter: that snow has already started to fall across the region including parts of oklahoma, arkansas, colorado and kansas. shovels are out and plows are already working, but if the forecast holds, they may not be able to keep up with the pace. some areas expect blizzard conditions and accumulations of two feet or more before it's over. so before it gets that bad, many are making sure they stock up on supplies to ride out the storm. >> i live far enough out of town that it's not convenient and we have en
of michigan and oklahoma. up to half a foot of snow fell around parts of tulsa. and in kansas. the first round of the golf championship had to be canceled because of the snow. we're going to get the very latest on the system and where it's headed in just a few minutes. >>> but we begin with new details and a dramatic turn in the oscar pistorius murder case. this morning, we're learning that the lead investigator himself will face attempted murder stemming from an incident in 2011. it comes just after a one week after his stunning arrest. all this as prosecutors paint a scene of nonstop shouting leading to a round of gunshots and said that a box of needles was found in pistorius' bedroom. and a series of police oversights and the revelations of that investigator hilton botha. >>> in the valentine's day death of his model girlfriend, prosecutors insist there will be no change to their investigation team but the defense is arguing detective botha should be dropped from that case. >>> turning back now to the weather as the midwest prepares for a major blast of winter. the leading edge of a massive
with an ex-lawmaker. >>> kansas jayhawks with a little pregame harlem shake. "first look" is coming up. it starts right now. >>> good morning. here we go again, another massive dose of winter is coming for a big portion of the country, the midwest is bracing for a fresh dose of the white stuff after a separate storm dumped some 20 inches of snow in parts of michigan and oklahoma, up a half a foot fell in tulsa and in kansas, the first round of the world golf championship had to be canceled because of the snow. we'll get the latest in a few minutes. >>> new details and a dramatic turn in the oscar pistorius murder case. this morning, we're leading that the state's lead investigator will himself face attempted murder charges stemming from an incident back in 2011. the news come as the strack star is back in court today. all this as prosecutors point to nonstop shouting before the murder. the case against the 26-year-old may be starting to unravel after a series of police oversights. pistorius is charged with premeditated murder in the valentine's day shooting death of his mod girlfriend.
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of the country ready to drop up to 10 inches of snow on kansas city for one, this is all moving east, it's possibly going to impact another 18 states. 30 million americans over these next few days. bill karins, our friend, keeping track of it all. >>> also, a new poll out this morning shows the president enjoying a pretty significant lead over the republicans in congress over many of the key issues of the day among them gun control, imdprags reform and the deficit. >>> but we want to begin, again, today in south africa, you're looking live now at the courthouse, this is where there are new questions this morning not about olympian oscar pistorius about the prosecution's key witness that are already threatening to undermine this case. today the lead detective hilton botha is facing attempted murder charges of his own from an accident dating back to 2011. he allegedly fired at a mini bus that didn't heed his warnings to stop. and the case against pistorius continued to unravel. investigators lost track of illegal ammunition that was found inside the house. and botha walked through the crim
on behalf of low-income mainers. in 2011, the u.s. supreme court appointed him as a special master in kansas versus nebraska and colorado, an original water rights case, and that, too, is an indication of the court's confidence in mr. kayatta's legal abilities. finally, mr. kayatta has earned the american bar association's highest rating, unanimously well qualified, reflecting the a.b.a.'s assessment of his credentials, experience and temperament. mr. president, mr. kayatta's impressive background makes him imminently qualified for a seat on the first circuit. his 30-plus years of real-world litigation experience would bring a valuable perspective to the court. the first circuit, mr. president, has only six authorized judgeships, the fewest of any circuit, so it acutely feels any -- fills any vacancy that arises. the first circuit has not been at full strength since january january 1, 2012, when judge kermit lapez took active senior status. now the circuit's caseload must be distributed among just five judges who continue to do their best to provide the timely and measured justice for which
blaze in a popular kansas city shopping district. >>> shocking allegations that cyber attacks on u.s. targets are coming not only from the chinese but from the chinese military. >>> plus, joe biden's assault rifle alternative and a sea otter that's got some game. >>> good morning. can daver dogs are being sent into kansas city to search for possible victims this morning after a blast leveled a section of the city shopping district. a gas explosion around 6:00 p.m. caused a massive fire at the popular jj's restaurant. witnesses said that came out of nowhere, as of yet, no confirmed fatalities. the primary concern is to find those missing. >> i came in, he told us to evacuate, next thing i know, everything just exploded. it was the scariest thing i ever witness zbld the flames were taller than the building next to it. there were people who were evacuating over here. so, it was just kind of crazy. >> those in the area report smelling gas in the moments leading up to explosion. they'll have to investigate further before any cause can be determined. >>> another emotional day in court fo
with whiteout conditions making travel impossible in some areas, kansas governor sam brownback is warning weary residents not to underestimate this storm. >> this one has the potential in the number areas of our state to be much more severe than even the last one. and we don't have the margins we had last time. the ditches are full of snow so you can't throw it off as quick or as easy. so this one could be much more treacherous to travel in. >> nbc's jay gray has the latest now from wichita, kansas. >> reporter: the wintry attack on the midwest was at times relentless. >> some folks have 10, 12, 13 inches of snow, lots of 8, 9, six-foot drifts out in the texas panhandle. >> reporter: so deerngs the national guard was called in to help reach dozens of stranded tourists. hurricanes force winds. >> we'll step outside and let you see what it's like so far. >> reporter: whiteout conditions the national weather service described as a crippling historic blizzard. the storm pounded oklahoma as well with more than a foot of snow in several areas there. and as it moved into kansas -- >> it's pretty bad c
wichita, kansas. >> the attack was at time, relentless. >> some folks have 12 to 13 inches of snow. lots of eights, nines and tens. six-foot drifts in the texas panhandle. >> reporter: the national guard was called in. more than two inches of snow an hour pushed by hurricane forsz winds. >> i'm going step outside and let you see what it's like so far. >> reporter: white out conditions they described as a crippling, historic blizzard. the storm counts oklahoma with more than a foot of snow in several areas there. as it moved into kansas -- >> it's bad on the interstate. >> reporter: many rushed for supplies. preparing for the winter blast. >> not much you can do about it. you get through it. >> reporter: a challenge that continues to increase across the region. jay gray, nbc news, wichita, kansas. >>> on the heels of a ten-day recess, congress is staring down a busy week ahead. the senate is expected to vote on whether to move forward on chuck hagel's nomination of secretary of defense. jesse jackson jr.'s district will cast a vote to replace him. if they approve jack lu as treasury secre
with some areas getting more than a foot of snow. >>> investigators in kansas city try to stay ahead of that storm as they search for clues in a deadly explosion and fire that leveled a restaurant. >>> and a new twist in the oscar pistorius murder case. the lead investigator is now facing attempted murder charges. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, february 21st, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning a major winter storm packing heavy snow is moving into the nation's heartland. at least 15 states are under a winter watch or advisory, and tens of millions of people are in the storm's path. some areas can expect more than a foot of snow. heavy snow is already falling in kansas. state offices there will be closed until tomorrow morning. residents have been urged to stay off the roads. near tucson, arizona, the world golf championship match play event was suspended due to a freak snowstorm. blizzard warnings were posted in parts of the state. some areas of phoenix got two inches of snow and the snow in the midwe
in a popular kansas city shopping district. now the search for possible fate fatalities begins. >>> shocking allegations on cyberattacks coming not only from china but the chinese military. how the obama administration plans to strike back. >>> plus, joe biden's assault weapon alternative. president obama golfing with tiger woods. and a sea otter that's got game. "early today" starts now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for wednesday, february 20th, 2013. >>> good morning, i'm mara schiavocampo. cadaver dogs are being sent into kansas city to search for possible victims this morning after a blast leveled a section of the city's shopping district. local officials say a gas explosion around 6:00 p.m. caused a massive fire at the popular jj's restaurant. witnesses say the blast came out of nowhere. as of yet no confirmed fatalities. officials express concern to find those who are missing. >> a guy came in, and said we're supposed to evacuate. next thing i knew, boom, everything just exploded. the scariest thing i've ever witnessed, ever been through in my life. >> it was just next to it. pe
through oklahoma, into portions of kansas, and you can see that the heavy snow right now is falling across the panhandle of texas and the panhandle of oklahoma with heavier snow continuing through central kansas right now. other than that, severe storms possible through the gulf states today. severe thunderstorm watches in event and we also have blizzard warnings in effect through oklahoma and parts of texas. winter weather watches are stretching up into the chicago area, that is an area especially tomorrow, that will start to see some of the heavier snow, right now the snow is isolated to texas and oklahoma and kansas. still, 6 to 12 inches possible in kansas city, where they are still digging out from last week's storm. >> be careful on the roads. dylan, thank you. >>> we'll tell you which songs are likely to move the market on this weekend. >>> "first look" is back in three minutes. [ nyquil bottle ] hey tylenol, you know we're kinda like twins. [ tylenol bottle ] we are? yeah we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. and i relieve nasal congestion. overachiever. [ female announc
like myself, we are breaking records out in kansas. it's fun if you have to deal with that much snow, you might as well break a record. we broke a record for the snowiest month on record. february, 2013 in wichita, kansas is the snowiest. the old record was set 100 years ago, in 1913. snow coming down in eastern kansas. northwestern missouri is going to get hit hard with this storm. heavy snow is falling. we have heavy rain on the eastern side of this storm where down through florida we have tornado watches up for the severe storms we'll see over the course of the day. you can see where the blizzard warnings are in oklahoma because of the blowing snow. winter storm warnings posted up into western portions of illinois as well. you can see the red box across the panhandle of florida. we are going to see torrential downpours and tornados as we get into the severe weather later this afternoon. as for snow, it looks like areas just south of kansas city will get snow. this is coming off another blizzard that happened this past week. it's brutal that way. >> you can't call us both nerds. pe
's mid- section. missouri, kansas, nebraska, among the states feeling the brunt of the storm. claudia cohen has the latest from kansas city where more than a foot of snow hit the ground. >> reporter: a whiteout across the nation's midsection. in kansas city, missouri, the snow plows trying to clear the roads while people work on the sidewalks. everyone is struggling to keep up with the accumulation. city leaders working to keep residents safe and informed. >> we're keeping the community centers open if people need shelter and we trying to make sure we're pushing out in which information as we can. from parking on the street and where to go if you get in trouble or stranded. >> reporter: the heavy snow shutting down the kansas city international airport. across the state, st. louis turning into a winter wonderland. in the neighboring state of kansas, transportation officials shutting counsel more than 90 -- down more than 90 miles of interstate and urging folks to city off the roads and in nebraska, snow plows gearing up for a long day of work and in to southern california on wednesday
: the storm is headed further northeast. but the heaviest snow is slated for the midwest. kansas, which barely recovered from last week's monster storm, is bracing for even more punishment. >> we had a nice winter so far. and now, boy, in the last two weeks here, it's like jeez. >> reporter: new hampshire, which has a foot on the ground, is gearing up. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: today, there's worries about more than snow. severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are possible across parts of the south and mid-atlantic. tahman bradley, abc news. >>> the first day of spring is march 20th. my watch is set. just hang on a little bit longer, folks. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. now, to the forecast from jim dickey and accuweather. >> good morning, rob and diana. dealing with a wintry mess this morning in the midwest. the blizzard conditions across the plain. snow ending across the plains. heavy snow into kansas city. that's extending towards chicago. amid in chicago, three to six inches in the chicago area. most of this has fallen, by the time is said and done. the snow ends in the
of snow in several areas there. and as it moved into kansas -- >> it's pretty bad coming in on the interstate. >> reporter: -- many rushed for last-minute supplies preparing for their second winter blast in the last four days >> there's not much we can do about it, so you just get through it. >> reporter: a challenge that like the snow totals continue to increase across the region. jay gray, nbc news, wichita, kansas. >> and we'll talk more about that. >>> on the heels of a ten-day recess congress is staring down a busy week ahead. today, the senate is expected to vote on whether to move forward on chuck hagel's nomination as secretary of defense. >>> chicago voters in former congressman jesse jackson jr.'s district will brave the snow to cast their vote in today's special primary to replace him. >>> if the senate finance committee approves jack lew as the treasury secretary today a full senate vote could come as early as tomorrow. >>> on top of all that, could lawmakers prevent the sequester's $75 billion automatic spending cuts? nbc's tracie potts is live in washington.
they move into monster systems. it is an amazing amount of snow from the texas panhandle up towards kansas, i will show you in a second. 30s and 40s, not as cold as yesterday, 47 in san francisco, north wind, little bit of a north wind and it will hold temperatures in concord san jose, all much colder, 41. somewhat of a north offshore breeze, there is that 10 miles per hour to the north at santa rosa, they had enough of a breeze in some of the higher elevations and look at the snow on the backside of that, it turns to a cold rain and severe weather all the way to north carolina so it is a whopper. some of the higher he will evacuations, nothing outrageous but it will be warmer today with that north wind, even out towards brentwood, gilroy 66 pleasanton 65 and it is going ting a sunny and mild warm day. >>> the snowstorm that slammed texas and the mid-plains is moving to the upper midwest. >> we declared a state of emergency for kansas city council missouri, we tried to -- kansas city missouri. >> reporter: the blizzard brought -- blizzard brought hurricane force winds and trapped drivers o
in texas, oklahoma, and kansas. >> now the storm is blamed for at least two deaths. emily rittman from our kansas city affiliate, kctc, is in overland park, kansas. good morning. >> reporter: many people are already digging out of last week's snowstorm where a foot and a half of snow fell. and they are expecting much more today. they could see another foot here in kansas. the latest winter storm is unleashing blizzard conditions from texas to oklahoma and kansas. a system so powerful you can literally hear its fury. this was amarillo, texas, monday where howling winds whipped around more than a foot and a half of snow creating five-foot snow drift in some areas. >> we're going to step outside and let you see what it's like so far. ooh. >> reporter: the storm knocked out power to thousands in texas and oklahoma and brought traffic to a standstill, closing miles of interstates and highways across the southwest. on some road, strong winds and driving snow reduced visibility to near zero. emergency crews focused on locating and rescuing stranded drivers while in some spots motorists abandoned
tearing through a restaurant in kansas city. jonathan hunt is with us. are there people in there, what do we know? >> we are getting initial reports there have been some injuries what you can see is a huge fire. firefighters battling it right now. it's in the plaza in kansas city. a much loved area of that city. what we are understanding from some initial reports that a car drove into a gas line outside a restaurant called jj's and that is what parked this huge fire. we are still getting initial information coming in right now. firefighters are confirming those initial reports that this was caused by a gas explosion. they are saying that there are these initial reports that people have been hurt, but this only happened in the last few minutes. we're still getting videotape preliminary reports in right now. as you can see the fire is still raging in downtown kansas city. >> shep: was there an explosion? >> yes, the initial explosion caused by this car somehow managed to drive into a gas line. those are the initial reports that we're hearing. the explosion happening immediately so one imagi
. look at kansas. a highway of motionless cars stretching out to the horizon. abc's emergency ginger zee is standing in the middle of what would be rush hour in topeka, right ginger? >> reporter: diane, here in kansas, where they have declared a state of emergency, and, yes, this is downtown topeka, main roads, nobody on them. peoples of snow, still very slick. kansas officials and others from here to nebraska, illinois and missouri, asking people to stay off the roads tonight. halted in the heartland. the monster snowstorm made for white-knuckle driving. from cars being pushes and pulled in kansas city, to this car up in flames after revving the engine trying to get up a hill in kansas. inside the behemoth storm, it looked like this. visibility, probably about a quarter mile. and sounded like that -- there we go. thundersnow. highways were shut down from missouri to kansas. >> just lost control. due to the weather condition. >> reporter: scary? >> scary! yes, it is. >> reporter: ice was an issue in parts of arkansas and missouri, where freezing rain made travel dangerous. at the storm's
mike seidel. he's in kansas city, where this storm, by the way, is hitting two days after that huge explosion and fire in the downtown area. but it's just one of the cities in the path. mike, good evening. >> and good evening, brian. so far this storm has been responsible for five deaths here in kansas city. a wall of white rolled through this morning, dumping snow, as much as 3 inches an hour, shutting down the airport and causing a state of emergency. that scene was repeated across many cities and areas of the midwest. armed with snowplows and shovels, the midwest today tried its best to fight back against a wicked winter storm that brought strong winds. near whiteout conditions. even thundersnow. as the deadly system that brought record snow to arizona, oklahoma and texas swept into the great plains today, schools and businesses were closed, and transportation in several states nearly ground to a halt. in kansas, authorities closed dozens of roads and highways, including a 90-mile stretch of interstate 70. parts of the state were buried under more than 14 inches of snow today. it
from wichita, kansas tonight. hey, mike. good evening. >> hey, good evening, brian. all or parts of 20 states tonight into wednesday are under some type of winter weather warning or advisory. it stretches from texas to maine. meanwhile, this morning the plains got hit hard by howling wind and blinding snow. the storm hit hard in the predawn hours in the texas panhandle. >> oh, my god, dude. >> reporter: 2 to 3-inch per hour snowfall rates and hurricane-force wind gusts were clocked in amarillo. the national weather service called it a crippling, historic blizzard. >> we're going to step outside and let you see what it's like so far. >> more than a foot of snow and 77-mile-an-hour wind gusts combined to create whiteout conditions, shutting down every road in the texas/oklahoma panhandle. texas rarely sees this much snow from one storm. it's amarillo's second snowiest day on record with 17 inches. the national guard and local emergency crews struggled through snowdrifts that topped 6 feet in places to reach dozens of stranded motorists. the storm also pummeled western oklahoma. >> as you
blizzard conditions through kansas, missouri, oklahoma, and they're having a genuine, classic winter evening in chicago. that's where we find weather channel meteorologist eric fisher on michigan avenue tonight. eric, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. we're not seeing those up to hurricane-force gusts that we had across the plains that wreaked havoc yesterday, but we are seeing that same heavy, wet snow that's left over 100,000 people without electricity. in wichita this morning, they were digging out from the snowiest february on record. >> that's a lot of snow. it's not used to this. >> reporter: while aerials from oklahoma reveal the landscape of stranded cars as some drivers learned the hard way. >> don't drive when they tell you not to. when they say conditions are going to be bad, they're bad. >> reporter: and they're bad across a wide swath of the country. 19 inches in amarillo, 21 in follette, texas, nearly 7 in wichita and 11 inches of snow in kansas city. at least three deaths have been blamed on the storm, two from traffic accidents. but roof collapses also p
rocks kansas city. >> investigators are looking into whether a gas leak may have triggered the fire. >> more than a dozen people were injured and even cadaver dogs were brought in to make sure no one was buried underneath. >> a search for the people is going on right now and will for some time. >>> oscar pistorius is back in south africa court this morning for a second day of his bail hearing. >> his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp was shot to death. >> jesse jackson jr. will plead guilty for misusing campaign funds. >> this is nod an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >>> hundreds of people are stranded on a highway in north los angeles. >>> as pope benedict prepares to step down the buzz is blowing that an american could be next in line. >>> apple is the latest victim of cyber attacks with the same malware that hit twitter and facebook. >>> all that -- >> you want a cat fight? oh, we have a cat fight. a pair of brooding bobcats. p>> -- and all that matters -- >> you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> joe biden being joe biden. >> --
. in kansas, the national guard is patrolling the roadways. >> probably almost three-fourths of the state is snow-packed. >> oscar pistorius will learn today whether he will face preted tated murder. >> three people are dead after a rolling shoot-out ends in a fiery crash on the biggest strip. >> police say someone in black ranger opened fire on someone in a maserati. >> there are a number of suspects. >> it's almost like a hollywood movie but unfortunately this is real life. >> how police confiscated christopher dorner's deadly intent. the person who cracked the case was his former partner. >> all that -- >> the best shot of the night was made by a cheerleader. >> i'm against this decision. >> free car. >> you're a senator? >> yes. >> that's awesome. i'm a lieutenant in the k.i.s.s. army. >> they have found all sorts of thing in hagel's past. he was once a republican. >> my new book, "killing jesus." >> he's going to be super disappointed when he finds out there's already a book about that. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." the middle of the country from texas to wisconsin is digging ou
condition it is aimed, growing the economy, job creation. at about that time, a report from kansas city is devoted to entrepreneurship. that landed on my desk with recommendations about what washington might do in order to enhance the chances that the united states is and would remain a country of entrepreneurs. we took those ideas and began the process of drafting legislation. at about that time, senator wide and introduced himself and said i have an issue that might be of interest to you. would you care to team up with me? we spent a short amount of time analyzing the issues of sopa and pipa and realizing much of the job growth and the additional revenues to the treasury or occurring because of the innovation of the technology sector. certainly start of companies can be from the person that decides it wants to open a dry cleaners to the latest in technology that originates and we see here at this trade show. where the greatest success seem to be was in the innovation arena, that technology arena, and it appeared to me that government was about to make a decision that was going to limi
. this is "studio b." police in kansas city found human remains at the site of the explosion that hurt more more than a dozen people. witnesses say it felt like an earthquake. we'll talk with someone who was in the restaurant before it blew up. >> attorneys for the paraplegic track star to shot and killed allegedly his model girlfriend blasted the police for shoddy work. the latest on the case coming up. >>> the united states set to lay out its plan to fight the growing cyberthreat from china. that's ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first, that huge explosion that ripped through a busy restaurant has turned deadly. officials in kansascy confirm they found a body burned beyond recognition. no word if it's the woman who went missing in the rubble they've been looking for. for now, crews say they'll continue the search just in case. the story was breaking last night on fox report. an apparent gas line engulfed the restaurant in flames. this is an iconic area of kansas city, a meeting place for so many. it was at the height of happy hour and shattered glass and shook buildings a mil
eight hours when he finally took that picture. two people have been killed, one on an icy road in kansas, another at a home in oklahoma where the roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow. at this hour, winter storm warnings are in effect as far north as illinois. this massive system tracks north and east with kansas, missouri, wisconsin, and michigan next on its hit list. so we have the storm covered for you this morning. minute by minute. state by state. jennifer del cad ygado is tracke storm. first, let's go to kansas city. they're getting hit by the second major snowstorm in a week. terrible for those folks out there. >> reporter: it is. [ no audio ] certainly going to be worse than the storm we had last -- [ no audio ] we didn't see -- [ no audio ] >> yeah, that storm is powerful and is clearly affecting her microphone. let's work on that and then get back to her. let's go to jennifer delgado. she's in the cnn weather center in atlanta. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you a lot. we're still looking at snow coming down now for areas like amarillo, they were pounded yesterd
was just part of the bke kansas and texas melissa rainy tells of how they're bracing for a second round. >>-- melisbraney >> this on to be much more treacherous travel in. we ask you to exercise that more abundance of caution. >> in kansas city people are still trying to get themselves out of the snow dumped on them last week. now they're facing more. >> as you can see behind me what we are dealing with. >> officials are pleading with residents to stay off the road. >> we have--declared a deft as an emergency for kansas and missouri. the the texas panhandle was hit hard. take a look from amarillo. >> you can see snow drifts from 1-3 feed. >> here is a yardstick peeking out of an almost 3 ft. snowdrift. thothose who venture out have to deal with strong winds and poor visibility. is what to call a historical was it. >> imf melisa reney. >> so far this morning as f zero is only reporting a handful of delayed flights to texas. the only cancellations of all flights to kansas city. as always, if you had a fight today. call ahead and check with your carrier before heading to an airport. >> muc
, what caused this deadly blast in the heart of kansas city. >>> i we heard the explosion and it hit you like a shock wave. >> shook building. >> the blast blew apart a restaurant and sent flames whipping through the street. tonight investigators at the scene and clues to what sparked this inferno. >>> plus, stunning evidence at a hearing for the blade runner. word of a witness who heard what happened before he shot and killed his magazine model girlfriend. and the bullet evidence that could hurt his case. and that is where we start on this wednesday night. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. some dramatic moments today during the bail hearing for olympic athlete oscar pistorius. witnesses say the man known as the blade runner for his carbon fiber prosthetic legs cried uncontrollably as a detective talked about the night of reeva's death. he admits killing her on valentine's day at his home. he claims it was an accident. he says he thought she was an intruder hiding in his bathroom. he said he did not put on his prosthetic legs before shooting throughout bathroom door. but today one de
and kansas. >> a mix of snow and freezing rain has delayed or canceled hundreds of flights left a lot of drivers struggling to stay on the roads as well. >> check this out lightening lit up the night sky in missouri as the storm was winding down. >> incredible snow totals, ladies. we are calling it snow omg. maybe i am the only one laughing. a little levitt. it is a serious storm because we have had unfortunately some deaths. we are talking in some cases record snowfall in wichita, kansas. nashville kansas 18 inches, natoma kansas, 17 inches. you get the picture. over a foot of snow and really incredible. they haven't seen a snow like this in years. where is it now? the low pressure center is across the upper midwest and the great lakes. we are talking about a mixture over the ohio river valley toward the mid atlantic we can see freezing rain and sleet. a rain event across the southeast. snow across the upper midwest then the wintery mix and heavy rain across the southeast. we could get several inches of rain and potential for severe weather today. not as great as the threat we saw ye
in as many days to slam the heartland of our country. heavy snow across kansas and missouri while lashing the texas panhandle with hurricane-force winds. take a look at these photos. the winds whipping, stranding dozens of cars in the road there in amarillo and making road travel extremely treacherous. tens of thousands of people are without power that are still reeling from the last storm. it's making it very tough to clear the roads this time around. >> wind is blowing that snow up over the too much these plows and right back up on the windshield. it makes it about twice as hard as just trying to drive through it. jenna: tough work indeed. blinding snow also a real problem in kansas city, missouri. with a new blizzard blowing in only five days after the last one, it's been a kick turn around. we have live team fox coverage. maria molina is in the fox weather center. first to mike tobin in kansas city, missouri who is getting an up close look at the storm. what is the situation there. >> reporter: it looks like the worst of the storm has passed so far. i'm watching some of the drivers go
really excited. watch out, top. >> topper jr. all right, remember the kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian cup and will now he is being sued for child support? we had questions for this, so we spent debra to a local sperm bank to find out what you need to know before you >>> it was the kind of news story that makes you say, huh? a kansas man that donated sperm is now being slapped with child support. >> this story generated tons of questions, so we sent debra to get some answers. i'm hoping you got some. >> i definitely have a few. william of topeka, kansas, answered a craigslist ad and donated sperm to a lesbian couple. fast forward, that couple is no longer together, they filed for welfare and the state hits up him for money. if you are left scratching your head, we went to one of the top sperm banks for answers. >> what's the biggest misconception about that whole news story in kansas? >> that it was a donor that came from a sperm bank. >> if you were as shocked as many were to hear about the state of kansas going after a sperm donor for child support, know this donor
to 24 inches in central kansas. 6 to 12 in kansas city and omaha. rob and diana, back to you. >> stay safe, everybody. >>> now to south africa and a bombshell this morning in the bail hearing for olympic star oscar pistorius. it all involves the lead investigator in the murder case, detective hilton botha. police announced botha himself is facing seven counts of attempted murder. it all stems from an incident back in 2011. that's when botha and two other officers fired shots at a minibus. prosecutors say they were aware of those charges when they put both on the stand yesterday. his testimony casts new doubt on the case against pistorius. bothaed a to admit that authorities had no evidence to challenge his claim that he killed reeva steenkamp by accident, believing she was an intruder. a judge could rule tomorrow whether pistorius are released on bail. >>> a small jet crashed in the woods 30 miles west of augusta. the plane was trying to land. one of the two survivors is believed to be the pilot. >>> and surveillance video caught the moment when a downtown kansas city restaurant explo
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